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Jet Gernation aka fab times 10

Guitar Wolf's “Jet Generation” is extreme. There is no real way that I can gently tip toe around this situation. I have listened to this album about 5 times all the way through, and am listening to it right now, and yet I am still stumped by this sound. Trying to describe it to some one whom either hasn’t seen the movie, or heard any of their other albums is quite a challenge. Yes someone actually made a movie where these guys where the key element, it is called Wild Zero. I will review the movie shortly after I finish this one [I called dibs]. But back to this album... of noise... as you know, well we can only hope that you know that we love music in the raw. If it were a piece of meat we want it when the knife hits the cow. This album isn’t raw, it isn’t raw at all. It is still on the cow. It is so out there that it just works. Guitar Wolf has 3 members the band; Guitar Wolf, Bass Wolf, and Drum Wolf. Best band names ever.

Okay, fine, I am going to get it out right now... to me these guys are superheroes. They dress like 1950’s greasers, and rock like the baddest mother fuckers on the planet. Ahh, I feel much better now. I can’t talk about the glory of this band without touching upon their super human abilities. For God's sake they saved the world from zombies! And aliens! And and and and saved "ROCK AND ROLL!!!"

The opening track of this album opens with pure and unadulterated feedback. It truly sets the tone for the entire album after that point. It is so gritty that when I first got the album I thought that it was damaged, or that it was recorded terribly. It was only until I saw the movie and accepted the sound that it came to me. Oh my god, it sounds like it was recorded on a single speaker, hand held recorder. MMppphhh, it is Godly. They were super heroes in the movie and they are super heroes in Japan. I can honestly say that Guitar Wolf is completely unlike anything that you have ever heard before. That is unless you listen to The Pillows and Polysics at the same time while watching Mad Max... the closest things that I can compare it to is the band Bikini Kill with men, and a really loud guitar. Every band, no matter which way you look at it is essentially driven by one instrument. In Guitar Wolf’s case it is driven by the feedback, not really an instrument but what a great use of this sound.

It may sound like I am rambling and essentially just repeating myself over and over. It may also seem that the only bands that I will ever review are the bands that of the raw nature. Guess what? You are probably right. Jeg is the master of the music part, and I have the vocation in the video department. He will bring you the music that is either brand spanking new or an explosion of the past (unless I beat him to it). The thing is we aren’t really writing any of this for you, we are writing for us. These movies, bands, ideals are nothing more than us making sure that somewhere, somehow these things will be put into the open so that people will at least be aware of what is going on. If you don’t like it, no one will care.

Back to the topic at hand, Guitar Wolf’s "Jet Generation." This music doesn’t need to be played at 4/10th volume, it NEEDS to be played at 14/10ths. I am talking about ears bleeding volume, stuff that will make your whole block angry. This is the music that your parents warned you about. These songs should be taken with 2 shots of 151 and 2 unfiltered lucky strikes. This is the end all be all of rock and roll.

I own one of their albums, just one of I think 11. In the near future I will be buying the rest. There is this spark of greatness about their composition. About how they can pull so much energy and wonderful noise from their instruments. Xiu Xiu can try as hard as he can. The Polysics can robitisize and electrify the noises that they make. But no one, and dare I say it, not even The Stooges can out match the energy and the rockin'est sounds that I have heard from this one album. Okay, they can’t touch The Stooges, but dear God these guys are right on their heels. As far as rawness goes they blow "be your own PET" out of the water. This is a band that I would test a girl that you are dating with... if she likes it, or is open to it, and then you know she is a keeper. Kind of like the locked door test. Okay, for those of you that have never seen "A Bronx Tale" watch it. It will change the way you think about how you live your life.

Ahhh yes, the test... First thing you do is lock every single door in your car. Pick her up at her doorstep, and walk her to your car. Unlock her door and her door only. If you have automated door locks, then find a way around it. IF she leans over and unlocks your door, then you know she isn’t a self centered little cunt. Only then can you ask her out on another date. However, if she doesn’t unlock the door, kick her to the curb and be done with her. She is only out for your money. Or play her for a one night stand. Either way remove her from your life.

Back to this rock and roll glory. If you have a chance pick up one of their albums, I would suggest either "Wolf Rock," or "Run Wolf Run." I have heard good things about both of them and, as with most bands, you can hear how their first album was like. You can feel its awesome, shake it up, and destroy with these guys.

Officially I was done at those last couple of sentences, but I don’t feel that I have covered what I really what you kids to know about Guitar Wolf. The problem is that I don’t know what else to say… they are the greatest rock and roll band that has come out of Japan that I have ever heard. I don’t know if it was the movie or the frikken amazing lyrics that they have, but I am stuck. Guitar Wolf is no Lennon, Hendrix, or Doherty but with lyrics like “There is a wallet in my ass with a ROCK N’ ROLL license!” it is just frikken rad. If you like real sounding bands or bands that don’t fix and modulate their songs to get it to sound right, then Guitar Wolf is for you.