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Run Wolf Run... more like Attack Kill Destroy

Run Wolf Run is Guitar Wolf's Second album; in my post about Jet Generation I said that you can hear the roots of Guitar Wolf. But that statement isn’t completely true, or rather isn’t the whole truth. There are similarities between the two, and there are roots that can be traced back to this album through their newer albums. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter. Comparing or even grouping these two albums under the same headline is almost comical. Saying that “Run Wolf Run is like 'Jet Generation” is saying that the "One Armed Boxer vs. The Flying Guillotine” is like “Kung Pow." Both of these are movies, both deals with Kung Fu, and in both humor can be found, but saying that they should be under the same genre is just ignorance.

In Jet Generation a melody can be found, easily in fact. The first songs are hard and true, but as it progresses it becomes a much "easier" band to listen to. If you try to listen to "Run Wolf Run" you will instantly fail. Run Wolf Run isn't something that you listen to; it is something that you suffer through. Suffer not in a bad way, but rather like suffering through a rad night of fucking. Sure it hurts now, and you know that those scratches will hurt in the morning; but for fuck's sake does it feel o-so glorious.

For those who don’t like ruff sex, let me put it in a different perspective. It is like taking a shot of heroine, snorting a line of cocaine, drinking a bottle of moonshine and then lighting yourself on fire. Doing it may destroy your life forever; but for those 10 seconds when the drugs are clouding your mind and the alcohol is coursing through your body there is nothing that can get you closer to perfection. The act of lighting yourself on fire is only to reawaken your body to the natural world.

You have heard me say many times in the past that I love it raw. I love music straight from the writer's hands, without censorship, without the idea of "oh shit this might offend some bloke." I have also stated that Guitar Wolf's Jet Generation is as pure as it gets. Well, I was wrong. Brutally wrong. This music will not change your life. This music will not get you through the hard times. It will not comfort you when realize that you lost the one you loved forever. You will not become a better person for listening to this. It will not make you hip. It will barely be considered a form of music by a vast majority of people.

There is one thing that Run Wolf Run will do for you though; it will act as a line between what is fashionable, cool, and fab and that which is real.

Guitar Wolf on Guitar Wolf

"When we play live, our music sounds like we are throwing a bottle of fire at the audience."

"We brush our teeth with tequila."

I am going to get hammered for Billy, and smoke a few cigarettes in the process.

RIP Billy aka Bass Wolf (August 29th 1969 to March 31st 2005)