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Zach Zupancic

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Flickrific, and minor life updates...

So I finally caved in and bought myself a years subscription to Flickr, now I am an uber1337 pro user. Yeay. What that means is that now I can delete my 3 photobucket accounts and put all of my photos in one area, so if any of you are following my steam be prepared for a massive influx of photos and one video.

As far as the life update goes; I am still with my lady. Things have been looking up; then again things always look better than the horribleness that I have been enduring. I was recently sick which really sucked due to it being a week before the Gran Fondo ride in San Diego so I haven’t had any time to really get in some solid cycling. While I was sick she wanted to start some minor drama; she, by the way, does not know how to take care of a sick person.  She has been sick about 5 times since I have been with her, and I have bent over backwards to make sure whatever she wanted she had. I never hesitated nor gripped about getting her what she needed to get better. But when I was sick... FAIL. I stayed up late talking to her about things that really could have waited or about something that she could have dealt with herself; then again she cannot deal with anything herself and needs a crutch every step of the way, bleh. Once I got better she got sick, and the process of me comforting started again.

The drama is getting to old for me to bear; as she tried talking to me about something ridiculous, and I just agreed with her. I wanted to end it as soon as I could, so that I could get some sleep... and play Metal Gear Solid Online. Actually since I have gotten to the topic of video games; I am going to go into something that I haven’t told anyone.

I tried to start playing World of Warcraft again.

YES I know, I am the biggest hypocrite EVER; but I wanted to try it. I wanted to see if there was another way for me to spend some of the little free time that I have. I have cycling; which I try to do for at least an hour a day -failing recently, but the ride will get me back on the wagon-, and MGO for when I want to shoot people in the face. When I was at my prime of my WoW career, everything was pretty much in the dumps. Life sucked, I wasn’t doing that well in school because of it, I was extremely overweight, and was addicted to Nyquil and Gin -not separately-. Now that my life has picked up, and I have developed some new habits to keep my time I was curious how I would handle that old addiction to WoW. I got a 10-day free trial and started messing about. While I will say that it was fun, it wasn’t lasting. I can see how leveling would be awesome, but if I were to the end there wouldn’t be any end-game fun. When I played last I had a very good guild, I was grinding with friends, and there was something that I was always trying to do or get so that I could be more helpful to the raid. But now that all of those people have stopped playing, and I pretty much have to start from scratch. It lost its flair.

So after one day of playing I quit. Someone could place the argument that by leveling up to 80 I would develop the ties to get me into a great guild; but I don’t want to be stuck raiding every night for 4 hours. I want to have a social life outside of that world, if my best friends started playing it would be a different story, but I know they won’t because of what happened to me.

MGO, on the other hand, is fantastic. It is essentially the new Counter-Strike; you can play for 5 minutes, get tons of action in and still be as satisfied as if you played for 3 hours. I love video games. I love the fact that there is something that can help you think, make quick decisions, develop strategies, and above all escape from what is real.

So to some it all up; if major drama unfolds I quit, WoW sucks, MGO'doyle rules, lots of new pictures about to be added to Flickr, and long distance fixed gear bicycle ride on Sunday. Sorry for the ramblings, but hey it is a blog what better place than to put those Lester Bang type thoughts.

Here are a few gems that I find hilarious/fantastic...