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Zach Zupancic

Senior Designer, SolidWorks addict, AutoCAD zealot, Cyclist, Shade Tree Mechanic, & moderately tall. 

Strippers get all the fun...

Last night I started to rip off all of the parts that the bike came with and start to figure out what I need to replace, as well as what I want to get. I knew off the bat that I am officially going to make this a fixie so I removed all of the shifting equipment (Derailleurs, levers, lines), and then threw on the chain and wheels from my Schwinn to see how it would look This is the first state that it was in...
New Wheels

After peeping on this for a bit, I was pretty much okay with the color scheme; yellow would be rad though... The next step was me starting to tear this beast down to its frame so that I could swap the cranks from my Schwinn to get rid of the 90lbs cranks that were on the bike.
Work 1
Work 4
Work 5

While in the process of removing the saddle and seat tube, I noticed the saddle bracket; and I know this is pretty much trivial shit but I still think it is rad that something like this was built in country and not shipped form china.
Made in England 2
Made in England

Then seeing how things were laid out on the floor I had to take a couple of glamour shots...
Brooks 2
Brooks 1

I then took off the stem and handlebars hoping to no lose any of the bearings in the headset. In the end there was no point for me to be worried as there already were quite a few bearings already missing...
Headset Cups

After I got the headset cups all cleaned up I tossed out the old bearings, and hung up the frame just because I could.
Hanging Dawes

From then I helped my lady fix her brakes on the Schwinn that was pictured above, and then attempted to remove the cranks. Surprisingly the drive side cotter pin was cake to remove, to whack of a hammer and it was out of there. The other side was another issue in itself... after emptying the bottle of wd40 and countless whacks on the pin I gave up. I figure that I need to head to the local bike shop anyways and they should have a bolt pusher/puller that I can use to get this thing out.

Until next time