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Twins from different ages.

Twins from different ages.

After a few of the shots that I took from my 1976ish Dawes Galaxy and my Dad's 1972 Dawes Galaxy I started looking into the differences; some of them were as clear as day to spot while others you had to look to find.

Dawes Galaxy Chasing
First off you can see that there is a clear difference in the color scheme as well as in sticker placement. What is not easily seen is that the Dawes sticker on the chain stay is vacant on my bike. One other is the Saddles; while mine is a Brooks saddle, my fathers is an off shoot (the name escapes me right now, but I know it isn’t a real Brooks).

Frame Decals Dad's
Frame Decals Zach's
Here is a closer look at the difference in the decal set. Take note of the front badge; my dad's badge is outlined in silver while mine is in gold.

Headset Dad's
Headset Zach's
The stems, while very similar are quite different once you look at them.

Seat Tube Dad'sSeat Tube Zach's
The seat tube decals are very different. On my dad's there is a crest with the Latin words "Capite Vestra Gaudia Ex Dawes" which roughly translates into "Your Joyous Tenure from Dawes." On the other hand, my decal has the Olympic rings below the Dawes Torch. In all reality, the Olympic rings are the only thing that ties my bike's manufacture date was in 1976

Crank Dad's
Crank Zach's
The Cranks are completely different. My dad's crank arms were made by Stronglight, while mine were made by Nervar. The Chain ring ratio is different as well; my dad's is 52/46, while mine are 50/42. I was going to touch upon the Derailleur, but upon closer inspection it seems as though both my front and rear derailleurs have been changed from original factory spec. The way that I determined that is by looking at the down tube shifters, both of ours are simplex.

Rear Cassette Dad's
Rear Cassette Zach's
To the rear end of the bike we have the cassettes, and as you can vividly see there is quite a difference. Even though I haven't counted the sprockets, the pictures should do it enough justice. Knowing my dad he didn’t change it, and I am pretty sure that my gearing is stock as well.

Serial Number Dad's
Serial Number Zach's
The final difference is the placement of the serial number; my dad's is on the bottom bracket, while mine is on the horizontal dropouts.


In the end it is pretty interesting how much a bike can change without appearing to change within a few years.