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The brighter side of things...

Speed Racer is awesome.

Speed Racer

After all of the bad press and negative comments about the remake of the Speed Racer series I knew that I had to eventually watch it. The cartoon series is a cult classic amongst my generation of racing fans; very similar to what Initial D did for the drifting community. Maybe it was because it was a movie about racing and cars that made me think about all of the old fun times that I had not too long ago; or maybe it was the cartoony aspect of it. All I know is that it is just fun.

Hmmmm lets go to the moon on a kite with this one...

Initial D
Initial D was far too serious to take for seriousness. It tried too hard to be like real life and in doing so made it all too easy to judge it accordingly. The comedy of the show didn’t exist, that is unless you took the whole premise as a joke and laughed accordingly. Gutter drops, and turning your headlights off doesn’t always work… The movie rendition of the anime is far too horrible; they combined characters, messed with the plot, blah blah bleh. This movie was not made in the spirit of the movie it was made from the shit that was the drifting bandwagon.

Speed Racer (anime) on the other hand was pure hilariousness; much as any other overtly dubbed 1960s broadcast. The movie does not disappoint in the comedy aspect, however it failed horribly on even making the slightest attempt to horribly dub at least one person of the movie. Even though this was a movie directed at the younger generation it still reigns true in the spirit of the original show; and who could ask for anything more?

If you want to watch a movie that is pure graphic novel truth; watch Sin City. If you want comic to TV purity watch the original X-Men cartoon series. If you want to watch a fun movie that will make you happy and get you reminiscing about the old good times; watch Speed Racer the movie.
Speed Racer 2