Zach Zupancic

Zach Zupancic

Senior Designer, SolidWorks addict, AutoCAD zealot, Cyclist, Shade Tree Mechanic, & moderately tall. 



So as most of you know I am a cyclist as well as a tobacconist. This, in itself, poses a problem not only for my health, but also for my fitness level. Do I care? Nope. A co-worker of mine was in England recently to take care of some business and while he was over there I asked him if he would buy me some lucky strike filtered cigarettes. Why? Because you cannot buy them here in the states.

mmmm lungzies

One of the weirdest things is that they don’t come in packages of 20 cigarettes like they do in the states; they come in packages or 10. On top of that the little death symbols that they have on the box is not a slip of paper that you can take off and throw away like they do here, the words and pictures are actually printed on the box.

care for one?

By the way, they taste just as good as I remember them. There is not a single cigarette out there that can compare to the taste that luckies give; almost makes me want to stop smoking and just wait until I go over there and stock up... almost.