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Catching up on lost time.

Sorry for the double post today, but the last 2 posts with photos were about the same day and I have yet to talk about Sunday and today. So here we go!

I woke up around 930am on Sunday and started to collect my things to check out of the Monaco. It took me around 4 minutes to get ready so I took a shower to wash off the ruckus that was the night prior. I start looking around for the shampoo but nothing appeared. I was actually agitated at this realization. I had to use bar soap to clean up my hair, and because of this scandal I decided to take one of the towels as I left, if they can’t leave out frikken shampoo I can’t remember to leave a towel.

I checked out of the hotel at 9:58 and left the Monaco; and just as I did I realized that I should have waited just a bit longer to check out. I still had yet to jump into the Gulf of Mexico. I pulled into the closest parking spot with a meter than I could find, and popped in a couple of quarters; 24 minutes is plenty of time. I emptied my pockets of everything but the keys and grabbed the towel that I had just thieved.

In California our beaches are tan/brown, on the Gulf of Mexico they are ivory white. On the pacific we have waves, on the gulf none. While I say this out loud it makes all the sense in the world, but whilst I was there it was a slap on the noggin. There were quite a few beach chairs with umbrellas out for the populous so I took off my shirt, shoes, and took out the keys. The temp outside was a very livable humid 82ish degrees, and the water was warm 73. I swam out a bit and then came back onto the shore. All in all I was very pleased with how the water and beach was in Clearwater so I dried off and made my way back to the car.

By the time I reached the car I knew that I wanted to get in the Atlantic Ocean via cocoa beach. In other words I had to drive across the sate to get there. This long journey would take around 2.5 hours. Heh. I started my way across the 60, down through 589 and then the long trek along the 4. I don’t remember where it was exactly when I started to notice the drizzle that later turned into some intense rain, but just as it start I looked at the temp...


And then to the water falling down on me...

This California boy is still baffled by this jungle weather that has been upon us in Florida.

I took wrong turn onto the 1, I was still able to get to Cocoa Beach this way, but I could have passed through Cape Canaveral by staying on the 4. The happened because my phone died. I had forgotten to charge it the night prior and she had to repeatedly call me despite all of my warning and polite requests. None of them seemed to get through and my phone died while I was talking to her. But I digress...

I finally reached Cocoa Beach to find it slightly sunny. I paid $10 to park all day and figured I could take my time in the Atlantic. I started to look in my bag for my usb plug for the phone. Luckily it was stowed inside of a zipper and I was able to charge it up while I was out in the water. Grabbed a few things and started my way to the ocean.


This beach was significantly more populated so finding a spot was a wee bit harder. I eventually found a small patch of bare sand to plop my things onto, and then started my way into the Atlantic. The beach instantly reminded me of a dirty day in Oceanside. The sand was rocky, and the water was murky, but all in all it was okay. The weather was a bit cooler at 79 degrees, but the water was significantly colder at around 70ish. I jumped in; body surfed a few waves, and then headed back into shore. Since I had all the time in the world I decided to let the sun dry me off. I closed my eyes and let the warm breeze engulf me.

I woke up.

The wind was cold, and at that point I figured that I had spent enough time on the Atlantic so I headed back to the car. I brushed the remaining bits of sand, got in the car and looked at the outside temperature, it was 77 degrees. This was one of the first times since I can remember when I thought that 77 degrees was cold... Once I was situated, and warm, I started my trek back to Mulberry.

On the drive from Clearwater to Cocoa I noticed an outlet outdoor mall that had an Ermenegildo Zegna store. There is one about an hour north of Fallbrook, but since this one was on the way back to Mulberry I figured I would pop in to see what they had; and if anything just pick up a pocket square. As I approached the mall the sky started to darken, but I thought nothing of it as I was just in a sunny area and figured that the clouds were just about to leave the area. I find a directory only to realize that Zegna was no more. I was sad but figured since I was already here I would pop into the usuals and at least see what is out there.

Just as I reached the farthest point away from my can as I could be it started to rain. I quickly stepped under some eves and started heading to the car. The eves failed in all respects and the partially baffled roof was only keeping out some of the rain. I stepped into a store in hopes that the rain would die down by the time that I left.

Unfortunately I was wrong.

Once I stepped out of those doors it was yet another down pour... I quickly moved from cover to cover trying to find the driest path, but it wasn't really doing much. I finally made it to the car dripping like a wet cat. I peeled off my soaking shirt and dry off with the stolen towel.


Those Sperrys are not dark chocolate brown when dry.


I eventually find my way back to the 4 and it starts flashing and cracking with thunder and lightning like I have never seen. I was stoked. The farther that I drove from the mall, the more the sky cleared.

It was around 5pm when I started to get a bit hungry and did my best to find either a Cuban or Mexican food place before I got to the house. According to Google maps the restaurant that I was heading towards was a 4.5 of 5 so I had decent hopes. I stopped in an empty parking lot and changed into some shorts rather than the trunks that I was wearing. I head over to the restaurant and ask to sit outside. I helped the waitress dry off the table and chair. Even though she questioned my reasoning at first I knew I would be fine because just as I had sat down there was a warm breeze that engulfed me.

After the meal I ordered a beer to sip on while I read up on some current news. He brings out the check and asks me if I was Quentin Tarantino; I smile at him and look at the door he just exited and noticed that 3 or 4 of his co-workers were peaking out from the door waiting for me to answer. I started to smirk and told them no, although I too am from California I am not Quentin. I told them that I have often been called the fat Quentin; they laughed and I started to look for photos of him so that I could compare side by side...

DSC_0607QuentinTarantino1ZachtopusQuentin_Tarantino2n6016912_41586952_1142672Quentin Tarantino3

While I can see a resemblance, I wouldn't think it would be that much that people would question if I am him.

I finished my beer and left the restaurant around 8 and got to the house around 9. Even with the ruckus that she caused the weekend was very fun.