Zach Zupancic

Zach Zupancic

Senior Designer, SolidWorks addict, AutoCAD zealot, Cyclist, Shade Tree Mechanic, & moderately tall. 

Day of searching

What does it mean to find a location? It never is just one place, it is never with the same people, and will always take you by surprise. I left Mulberry Florida this morning around 9am and started driving west. The plan was to head to St. Pete's beach and jump into the Gulf of Mexico. The drive over to St. Pete's was pretty uneventful, and yet I experienced something new; driving on a road that was planted on water. It wasn't a bridge, but a road splitting though the water.


That is until I got about a mile away from St. Petersburg beach, and then the devil started to yell at my car and I was blinded by the rain from hell. (safest picture that I took any more and I might have crashed)


And let’s not forget, I was planning on going in the gulf so this is what I was wearing…


After all of the rain, and the hellish bit of death that I was swarming in, I reached St. Petersburg beach and the devil went back into his house and left me with this


I drove around looking for a good spot to plant myself and jump in, but nothing tickled my fancy. Everything that passed by was just... alright. So I drove east to Treasure Island. It sounded fantastic, PIRATES!, so I started heading in that direction. It blew. So I drove south to St. Pete's Beach. Then I hit another snag, it started to rain again; and the father that I drove into St. Pete's the harder it came down –yes Jeg and Ken it came down on me hard-; so I turned around and started heading north.

Drove through treasure island again, still boring, and then was just about to pass through sunshine beach when the road started to point toward the heavens and give a finger the devil that yelled at me.


At this point I was just fine listing to "wait wait don’t tell me" and decided to keep on driving until the show ended, or until I found a coffee shop so that I could grab a quick bite. I drove on for another half hour until I found the location "Havana Cigars & Coffee Lounge."

The rest of the story will continue tomorrow as writing this slightly inebriated is making me really sleepy...

'till tomorrow