Zach Zupancic

Zach Zupancic

Senior Designer, SolidWorks addict, AutoCAD zealot, Cyclist, Shade Tree Mechanic, & moderately tall. 


Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, I got caught up with some good conversation about the construction and process flow of a heat exchanger and air fin cooler; and I watched blood diamond... so that took a good chunk of my awake time. Back to the story at hand.

Waking up is getting a bit easier, but it is still rough to some extents. Although when I look at how I woke up in California I guess it is no different, 7am is still early to this body. I am still able to make it to work on time; there is no rush to get out the door so I guess I am still okay. To top it all off I get a big smile every time that I jump into the Lincoln. I feel like I am rolling on the bastard child of extreme class and ghetto fabulous. I get to roll around in a Cartier spec Lincoln town car.


Work was fantastic as usual, but the hopes of not having to use AutoCAD were pretty much shot, there are still things that AutoCAD does better than SolidWorks, kinda. Personally the ability to crate simple line drawings, P&IDs, PFDs, and things of the sort are significantly faster on ACAD due to the fact that you start in a 2D model space. SolidWorks, on the other hand, puts you in a 3d space from the get go. While I know that there are AutoCAD products that get you in that 3d space (inventor) it doesn’t do it as well as Solid Works. But I digress...

While working, Rob gave me the news that the plant that I have been working with has asked us to remove our unit from their plan. This wasn't what I was hoping to happen while I was away from Fallbrook. Even though the news about the plant is pretty bad, it isn’t ALL bad. I know that we have quite a few plants that know about, our gear, and I am confident that at least one of them would love to be the first plant to have our unit up a running. How does this plant giving us the boot affect me? Well it means that I am going to have to modify some of our drawing so that the structure that holds it, as well as create a new piping layout; in other words more drafting. So I not only keep my job, but I get to do more for the company doing the thing that I love to do, drafting and design work.

Chris, whose real name is Michael, got back from a job when he told me that there were gators a foot. I was pretty stoked at the news; even more so since he had a photo. Due to the pretty horrible weather that has befallen Mulberry I really haven't had the opportunity to shoot some gators. According to Michael this was the smaller gator of the two, he wasn't able to get a shot of the big one, but the small one was about 6' long.


After some talk about having the chance to shoot some gators, Rob mentioned to me that I might be heading back to California a bit sooner than planned. Instead of heading back on Friday the 29th, it would be on Wednesday the 27th. I told him that I really didn't care what happened, and that whatever best met his schedule I would follow along. After all I would really only be losing a couple days of face time with Rob, and most -if not all- of the work that I do for him can be done remotely.

So far there is one tradition that Rob and his wife do that I am hoping to bring back to Fallbrook, and my daily life. It is the act of relaxing outside after work. While I pretty much do this already, I don’t do it outside, and am usually by myself. Maybe it has been because of my relationship issues that I have lost that sense of relaxation that I once got with friends after work. I have had to plan around someone else, or lie, to get that little extra room of relaxation and good company. This isn’t to say that she is bad company, but the conversations that are to be had are quite bland, boring, and I would usually rather just sit there watching TV than talking with her. With friends it is a different story; Jeg, Jeg's sister Mo, Ken, and I could talk for hours on end for days on end about this that and the other, shooting into crazy tangents and awesome stories that we could all relate. Granted I have known Jeg since I was 5 and Ken since I was 15 there is still stuff to talk about. Mo has just recently, last year or so, entered our social group but even still she has stuff to bring to the table. With the lady, it seems that I have heard all of her stories at least 4 times, and they are still old. The excitement of seeing her and being with her has long since gone. I have been away for 5 days now, and I have yet to feel the need to call or text her; but I have stilled called her to dismiss the drama that would happen if I didn’t. I’ll text my friends and fam but I don’t want to tell her what is going on; and it isn't because I don't want to keep her in the loop, it is because after I text her I know that she will want to have a long conversation about what I just said. If I do the same to my friends and family they will do a quick response or not say anything at all. Two digressions in one post, damn this is getting long gotta end it soon...

Good news for the weekend, the rain is supposed to let up and I am going to make a little trip down to St. Pete's beach. Should be quite fun to see how what the night life and beach life is around this area. I’ll take some photos and try to document as much as possible. Good week of work deserves a good weekend of escapades.

'till next time