Zach Zupancic

Zach Zupancic

Senior Designer, SolidWorks addict, AutoCAD zealot, Cyclist, Shade Tree Mechanic, & moderately tall. 

Power outages, heat, and rain. wtflorida...

4am and the alarm goes off, fuck this game... oh wait it isn’t 4am, it is 7, crap. I tripstumblenfall out of bed and meander my way into the shower at 7:08. For one of the first times in my life a cool shower actually carries me though a whole shower. I Brush up, wash up, and dry down (?) I was able to get ready and start breakfast when Rob and his wife leave for work, meh at least I was able to say hello before they left. I eat breakfast outside in the patio to a, surprisingly, cool breeze.


Took the keys to the Lincoln -photos tomorrow, because it is fucking baller- and went off to the office.


When I arrived to work I was surprised to find that I had a very awesome computer set up for me from their Jack of all trades guy Chris (I think). I was pretty busy all day working on some new plans on AutoCAD, and then when I had that done I did the same project in SolidWorks to show Rob that it not only shows more information but also looks at least 145.9378% better. He was pretty stoked on it and from now on, thankfully, I will be using SolidWorks for all of the drawings within the next week.


Around 12ish Rob and I went out to the "Local watering hole" for lunch. All in all I wasn’t surprised, the food was pretty horrible; and for a "local favorite" that British burger blew.


We got back to the office right before the power goes out. Then it rains even harder. The tune of Born to be Wild comes out of no where and yells in my face "I LIKE SMOKE 'N LIGHTNING, HEAVY METAL MUSIC." needless to say I was looking for adventure and Florida provided it with an amazing light show in the sky.


Finished up at the office, and drove back to the house, and had a very relaxing time catching up on some blags, news, and messages; even managed to have a brew. Rob’s wife made a nice dinner and then kind of lost track of what was happening… I think I was at a book store, and for some reason I am now watching American Idol… I must be frikken tired. Well in saying that, I am off to sleep and I hope that homosexual guy wins that would be awesome television, and he is smiling more than the other guy.

Well off to another night of sleep, all the best to you and yours. More updates tomorrow, hopefully I can snap a shot of a gator!

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