Zach Zupancic

Zach Zupancic

Senior Designer, SolidWorks addict, AutoCAD zealot, Cyclist, Shade Tree Mechanic, & moderately tall. 

What could possibly spoil a great relaxing day...?

Once I left the Cigar Lounge I started to look for a place to stay. I drove by at least 5 or 6 hotels/motels all with the "NO VACANCY" light lit up like Christmas. I started to think that I may have to drive farther than just a block from the beach when I stumbled upon this quaint little motel called Monaco. I popped into the motel and the owners were from England; actually they used to be located one county over from where my company's HQ is located. I start getting all settled in, load all of my photos onto flickr, and start to walk outside when the phone rings.

You guessed it, it was her. I tried to keep the conversation short because I was planning on heading over to Rockaway beach bar. The conversation lasted about 30 min, but at least it was over I shouldn’t have to deal with her any more tonight she knows what is going on and should be satisfied. I put my phone on silent and started to make my 3 block trip to Rockaway. Just as I got there was a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. I quick stepped back to the motel grabbed my camera, quick stepped back and was able to grab a couple of decent shots before it got too dark. I head back to the motel and upload the photos, and make my way back on over to Rockaway.


I order a Double Black Russian, my go to drink. I get my drink, walk 3 feet, and I am outside on the patio having my drink watching the sun go down over under 78 degrees of warm breeze. Even with all of the shenanigans of the phone call I was getting back into the relaxing state that I was in when I was at the cigar lounge. I started to talk to the people that were there and the scene was Auld Dubliner meets bonfire. Had quite a lot of fun talking about random things with the smoking crowd. It was frikken dark out, and I was feeling good, so I thought it would be best to check what time it was. Looking back I think I should have just asked for the time, but I didn’t. She called me; not just once but 23 times, and left about 4 text messages.

Even though I told her what I was doing, and where I was going, she still had to call and dominate what I was doing to help her out. Oh yeah she was at work when she called me, so I have no idea how she had the time to make so many calls... I responded with a text of "I am fine" right after it was sent she called and I silenced. She then texted me with “I just need to hear a happy voice.” While this may seem cute, it really isn't. Especially when she does this every time that I want to have fun with other people. I finish my drink, pay my tab and walk back while I call her. I would not have been able to stay at the bar due to the noise, and me knowing that this conversation would last too long.

She picks up the phone we talk for about 2 minutes then she says that she has to get some stuff finished so she would call back in about 25. You pried me away from what I was doing only to have me wait. Awesome.

She calls back 30min later and she tells me about her horrible day and how she had 2 tables walk out on her. I had to hold back the laughter to a massive extent. I never said anything, but the only thing that I could think of was "you probably should have been paying attention to your job and not your phone." I let her finish talking then I asked her if she realized that she called me 23 times, and that I had to leave what I was doing to talk to her. For those of you that say I should have kept ignoring it, while that thought did cross my mind I knew that the aftermath would have been apocalyptic crying over the phone and I did not want that, especially since I am in Florida. The conversation lasted longer than I wanted it to, and because I was laying down with a few drinks in me I was all the too tired to go back out again. So I turned on the tele and went to sleep.

A night that could have kept up with the awesomeness of the day was thwarted by her. It just never ends…