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The last few weeks...

Since there has actually been a shit-ton that has happened within the last few weeks since I have been back from Florida I’ll make this one short, and hopefully I’ll get to the blag later this evening to quickly catch up.

The last week in May was pretty much mellow while I was in Florida. The rain still kept up on the weather front, and the hopes of getting back home on Wednesday were pretty much shot I was either in Rob's house or in the office working on drawings for the rest of my days there. Rob left for an overnight in Texas on the 27th, and I had the place all to myself for a couple of days. It was a nice change of pace; a bit lonesome yes, but at that point it was really nice just to sit and think about what I have done in Florida and how much I have been able to accomplish even without a degree in engineering.

I flew back home on Friday and arrived in San Diego around 8pm. My mam, sis, and Chase (Zoe's boyfriend) were there to pick me up, but were a bit late due to them being in the mall shopping for random needs and wants. As per our usual tradition of getting a stiff drink before heading home, we made our way to CPK. We talked about what I was up to, and how things were in Florida; when out of the blue Jeg and Mo showed their faces. It was a fantastically happy surprise, and quite coincidence. Jeg was in San Diego picking up his runner’s packet for the Rock and Roll Marathon happening in a couple of days, when Chase spotted them. He let Jeg know that we were going to grab a drink before we made the trip back to Fallbrook and asked him if he wanted to make an impromptu surprise out of it, and he gladly obliged.

We sat around talking and laughing about this that and the other, and after an hour or so we made our drive back into town. Once I got back into he car I was completely knackered out, and the 8 hour flight and the drinks didn’t help that either. Throughout the evening she was texting and messaging me constantly about where I was and how long it would take me to get into town. I held my tongue for a bit, but eventually told her that I stopped into CPK for a drink. I know how she is, and even though I was in no fit shape to do anything but sleep she wanted to see me pronto. I told her that I was going to head home get some sleep and that I would see her as soon as I woke up, it wasn't good enough. She wanted to see me as soon as I got into town and I would be the one driving over to her place so that I could stay the night.

I got home around 11pm and tried to wake myself up as best as possible before I got on the road to get to her house. She was glad to see me, and even though I wasn't in the most pleasant of moods I was okay to see her.

She had soft plans for the entire weekend set up, and all I really wanted to do was rest and get to Jeggi's run on Sunday. I wasn't able to get much sleep in due to her bed being way too small for me, but it was enough for me to at least be less of a zombie. I may have gotten a nap in that day, but I am unsure.

Sunday was a blast. Ken showed up at my place in the morning and we drove to pick her up on the way to San Diego. But once we got there I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to her, or in the manner that she would have liked, because there were quite a few conversations that we had that I wasn't too pleased in having. There was a point where I was so frustrated I squeezed a little too much and I hurt her. I didn't mean to do it, but the aggravation and annoyance was just too much to handle and I popped. I am pretty sure there were a few more instances after that and before that where we didn't get along, but the lack of sleep and the amount of smothering blurred most of my mind as to what was happening.

Jeg wasn't able to finish in the time that he would have liked to, but everyone that was there was extremely pleased and happy that he finished where he did. After the race we left the Marine training depot and went to grab a bite to eat. We tried to find an Indian restaurant, but in the end we settled on this nice Italian place and Jeg and I stopped by after my half-century cycling run. Lunch was nice, but the tension that she and I had wasn't making anything nice for anyone at the table.

Ken rode home with us and the rest of the day has been lost in my mind.

Stay tuned in tomorrow or later this evening for the next few weeks of fumbles, bumbles, toils, and tumbles.