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PurePwnage, Uber Micro attacks your tele

Pure Pwnage is coming to a Canadian television set near you in 2010.

I have been watching this show since its near birth in 2005. At first I was drawn to it because of its play on my inner gamer. The personalities were truth, and the humor was amazing. While there have been other shows that have drawn me due to their premise; Flight of the Conchords, Robin Hood (BBC), X-Files, Spongebob Squarepants, Total Drama Island, CSI:Miami, etc. Like Pure Pwnage, all of these shows have had that sense of harking to your childhood fantasies of future pasts. The only issue with these shows is that they lose their flair within a few episodes, or even a season. The humor gets drab, they repeat the same jokes, and it becomes all the easier to stop watching and remove it from the normal viewing schedule.

That is where Pure Pwnage comes lays down some uber-micro on your face... It is one of those shows that successfully brings out your secret yearnings, pleasures, or passions and makes them truth; Venture Brothers did it with a Johny Quest spin off, Metalocalypse brought us death metal explosions, Robot Chicken made you rethink what your toys are doing when you sleep, Eureka took the small town sheriff to a futuristic preset day, Royal Pains took Dr. House's vicodin away and shipped him to the Hamptons, and Being Human dominated the concept of monsters. I am not saying that these shows mentioned are the only ones to grace our eye probes, but the list doesn't extend too much farther. Without those few clever Velociraptors attacking us from all sides, we would be dragged to the dregs and given to the droogs for some casual rape in the afternoon.

From this short blurb that Showcase television (Click for article), it seems that there will be a bit of a recap on past episodes. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; the only fear that I have is that they will take a chain saw to it like Adult Swim did to the Mighty Boosh.

If you want to see what I am raging about check out and bask in the glory of 1337 speak.

-teh CrazyOctopus