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9 days, and upside down triangles

So 9 days have passed, and I have been doing... well... not much. I have cut my calorie intake to about 1800 per day, and the only exercise that I done was to help a few people move. All is not at a loss though. I have, luckily, been able to drop 3 pounds. In all actuality this is nearly on schedule of weight loss for me. I was hoping for 4-5 a week; but 3 ain’t too shabby...

September 2nd (10am) - 215 lbs
September 10th (10am) - 212 lbs

However, the best thing that has happened in the last week has to be the "test" installation of our surround sound system. There have been very few instances where I have ever entered a house with surround sound and have been impressed. My house is no different during normal TV viewing. Our satellite box, like most others uses the red and white audio plugs; right and left. So even if the channel presents its sound in 5.1 surround, the best that we will get is the standard 2 channel stereo, it just now sounds better. Knowing this I quickly rand to Radio Shack to buy an overpriced fiber optic sound cable for the good ol' Playstation3. This purchase made a world of difference. I plopped in the most sound intense game that I have; Metal Gear Solid 4. I went straight into online play to test its ability. It was a whole new experience. The huge TV was a massive advantage and improvement to the viewing and playing of games and Blue-ray movies. The addition of surround sound was just as big of improvement. Not only is everything clearer, but you can actually tell what direction the explosions, steps, and gun fire are coming from; but also how far away they are. While this was an amazing test of the system the real one was about to come.

After the play though I made some adjustments to the locations of the speakers to make the watching experience all the better. Once I got everything plugged in and the speaker locations settled I inserted the only blue-ray movie that I own, The Dark Knight. WOW… I love this movie, but watching it in this new environment was like watching at anew.

All this talk of video games, Batman, surround sound, and big TVs throws one word at my face, and it is a word that I really hate... Man Cave. When it first spawned in public knowledge, it was a rad concept. But then, like many amazing things in America, they get destroyed just as fast they entered. Another prime example of this is "DO A BARREL ROLL!" which for some strange reason is re-entering itself into peoples mouths.

Instead of "DO A BARREL ROLL" forcing itself into my mouth I have been subjecting myself to coffee. Subjecting is quite a strong word, but it sounds good so I will let it slide. Among many of the topics discussed, one in particular seems to come out and palp my mind tank more than the others; and that has been the topic of relationships and what we look for in one, as well as starting one.

This image was essentially the starting point for the conversation, and if it wasn’t the start it was at least an important piece in the conversation.


There was talk about who we know and where they fit, and whether or not this statement is true. While the true romantics of finding someone that fits the equilateral triangle is always appealing, the fact of the matter is that rare/impossible to find that person. If one is so egotistical as to think that they themselves do fill the equilateral triangle, you don’t. This leaves us with the concept that no one will ever get what they want, and everyone must make sacrifices and compromises in order to find their ideal significant other. For instance one would give up beauty for stability and intelligence; they make the conscious decision to negate the standards of one thing and place more importance on another. This doesn’t mean that we can never be happy. This means that you shouldn't wait and hope and dream for that person to enter your life. In real life you have to experiment with different ideals, concepts, and physiques to see what works, and what doesn’t. After all that is what dating and being in relationships are all about?

With the romantics of meeting still in full force; the topic of the conversation slowly turned to places like Does romanticism exist in places like that? Nope. is to the dating world just as the twist off top is to the cork in a wine bottle. may be better at finding that special someone, but you just lose that story that comes with the serendipitous adventure. Same thing goes for the twist offs on wine bottles; the twist offs do indeed make the wine last longer, and there is no fear of having a cork foul the wine, but the sound it makes doesn’t make for good company. To further the point of “the internets versus the chance encounter” is the story telling aspect of it all.

Friend - “How did you both meet?”
Partner A – “”
Partner B - “yeah, I was casually stalking people’s pages for a few weeks, and then I came across this one; so I decided to make the decision to Evite her for a drink”

-Chance Encounter-
Friend - “How did you both meet?”
Partner A – “I was out reading the morning paper at the little hideaway when this person interrupted me”
Partner B - “heh, yeah. ‘Tis true, ‘tis true. But I needed some sugar for my coffee and her table was the only one that had it. After a bit of time I struck up some courage and started talking, and that in turn sparked a conversation.”
Partner A – “yep, we haven’t been able to stop having fun conversations and moments ever since.”

The first one is down right boring, and essentially creepy. The dating sites give you a great excuse to start stalking them in the name of romantics. While the latter actually makes you smile.

There have been many strong relationships that would never have been possible if not for internet dating sites, but it still doesn’t make for a better story. On the flip side of the serendipitous occasion, there is a real chance that one of the party members is hoping for forced romanticism. By forced romanticism I mean that you go out looking to meet someone. This is usually disregarded when future story telling commences, but the creepiness of it is quite nearly non-existent. After all we have been going out hoping to meet someone for centuries.

I stated above that dating sites give you a free pass to start internet stalking people, and in many ways it is thanks to places like Facebook and MySpace that my generation laughs about it. We openly admit to people that we have been stalking their page. We have no reason to be offended by it, slightly creeped out maybe, but not offended. This is actually quite strange. Real-life stalking forces one to invade the personal life of another without consent. Is Facebook stalking any different? I say yes, vastly different. The concept of “I never gave you consent” is null and void when you make your life publicly accessible. It is also what most do after meeting someone. Add friend, accept friend, Facebook stalk their page to see if there are any glaring weirdness. Lies are prevalent, and truths omitted due to it being posted on the internets, but at least you can get a sense of what the person sees themselves as. Due to this, Facebook stalking only gets you so far, and is usually outdated.

Who knows what future technology will bring. The only thing that we can be sure of is that everyone will always have the hankering for some serendipity, and nothing beats a good face to face conversation.