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Zach Zupancic

Senior Designer, SolidWorks addict, AutoCAD zealot, Cyclist, Shade Tree Mechanic, & moderately tall. 

After the pins part 1

It took me a couple of trips to Vegas Tailor shop to get it right, but here is the result…

Grey Jacket

Zara Suit

To see the visible differences here are the back to back comparisons…

==Grey Jacket Comparison==
DSC_4094Grey jacket dark grey pant front

Notice how I now actually have a shape to my body. And the sleeves, while still a bit too big at the bicep, are now a little more form fitting. Also there is no longer a massive hunk of fabric in the gut, which in turn slenders the form.

DSC_4097Grey jacket dark grey pant side

Once again you can see that the body of the jacket comes closer into the body, the more I look at it though I really think that I need to get the biceps of the jacket closer to the body...

==Zara Suit Comparison==
DSC_4374zara suit front

In this one you can really see the changes in the sleeve as well as in the body. In the original you have a very boxy design, and in the aftermath it makes it look like I have a human form underneath.

DSC_4376zara suit side

Once again thinning of the body; just out of these photos it looks like I have lost quite a few pounds. The sleeves on this jacket are nearly where I want them all to be, maybe another 1/4 of an inch tighter, but this is damn close. Even look at the fabric at my butt; at first it is really hilarious how it just drapes over, making it look like I borrowed my fathers pants, and in the second it actually gives it form; same with the things down to the calf, there is actually form to it.

I am slowly getting to the rest of the clothes, he is still jammed with work, but the next tailoring update will be of the Pea Coat, and the next post will be of The Sartorialist book signing!