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cute lady garments

A few things happened in a quick succession to each other that made me scrutinize why I am attracted to certain types of garments. With Paris fashion week, the dissipation of more fashionable people, and false sense of fashion that project runway gives; I have started to think about what women wear, and why I am attracted to certain wears at certain times.

Before I can get into the womens, I must admit that I have huge man crush on the model Fabrizio Rollo, and to a lesser extent Jon Hamm

No matter how many times I see Fabrizio and his magical beard it is always a thing of constant ogling. Then there is Jon Hamm, the man's man. He is the lesser of the crushes because he is dressed by professionals, and it is only a character that he plays; but gah. He isn’t the typical model thin lead man; he has some build to him.

Back to the womens.

Lets take the most basic thing that women wear "jeans and a t-shirt." while I can see where the concept seeps from; jeans are comfy, t-shirts are light, and depending on what the color choice is, there is a false sense of uniqueness. This combination of garments has to have some outstanding accessories that turn the commonplace outfit into something eye-gazable. Here are some examples of neat shirt and jeans combos.

-notice the thigh high boots which are as tight as the jeans themselves, the leather jacket, and the shotgun... a few scenes later she removes the shotgun and the leather jacket, but surprisingly she still has a good looking get-up. Why? It is the small things. Since she is properly thin, and as such she can wear an oversize t-shirt. She tucks it in only the front to display her belt, and cut down on the bulge of the extra fabric, quite a neato touch.

-tight jeans, thigh high boots, and a white t-shirt; what makes her astounding is the combination of the jacket and the sunglasses. Simple and fun, and that’s pretty fab.

This next bit of gear is a huge gamble; I have seen this work once and only once and every other time it is just... lacking. Wearing a man's shirt as a dress…

I don’t know... whenever I think about it in my head it looks great, but most of the time that it is executed it fails horribly. Is it the lack of tailoring, the lack of body definition, the lack of class? I am not sure. It kinda takes the rolled out of bed, super comfy jeans and t-shirt approach to fashion. In the first photo it almost looks like she is going to prostitot her self. The second it just looks bleh, but provided to show another concept of the blue oversized. The third is a nearly perfect rendition of what it is supposed to look like, but the color choice is lacking in substance. I personally would love to see it work again, but I guess it is just near impossible. The other option is to get someone to help me make this happen with a bit of trial and error.

The next bit while hard find, is the one of raddest things in women's fashion; dress pockets.

Mid thigh cut dress, and pockets at the hem. Maybe not the most functional of all pockets, but uggh so amazing. Doesn’t work on all dresses due to them adding a bit more fabric to an awkward place in the dress or skirt, but on a well made piece of clothing it works so amazingly.

Live in color; add something so out of this world it brings you to another place entirely.

Plain khaki pants, black and white stripped shirt topped by a baby blue scarf and a mustard yellow members only-ish jacket. Take off the jacket or the scarf and the whole outfit looses it all. Then you have the khaki trench with the red stripped pink skirt. Something as simple as this makes it more than just a daily set of clothes. This doesn’t just apply to women; men should be doing this on the daily with a pocket square or shoes.

Then there is the school tactics of it all, or dress like a man status.

While is pretty commonplace to for a lady to wear a suit like this...

But it doesn’t have the same draw as the student. In the first she even wears some men's cap toed shoes. Like the pocketed dress there is a sense of innocence and playfulness that gets thrown into the mix, then again it could just be the colors that were chosen, or the color placement. But there is just that little bit of childhood fun that is attached to it.

Now there is a reason why I pulled most of these photos from the sartorialist, and it is because I don’t look at the women's runway shows. It is not that I am lazy; it is just that I really have nothing to gain from them. On top of that most of those designs will never see the streets. On the other hand I look at every one of men's collections, granted I am not looking at every one of the photos, but if the first 5 or so are good then I can continue on looking.

This season, or some cases the designer's most recent show, there has been a few designers that I really like. While I may not love all of the garments that the following designers have created, I like most of them -for instance I love the Marc Jacobs collection, but I hate his shorts.-

Dunhill -
Lacoste -
Michael Bastian -
Marc Jacobs -
Tommy Hilfiger -

Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger surprisingly made the list. For the last few seasons I haven’t been too impressed with either of them, but for the spring 2010 collections WOW.

'till next time, by then I should have my tailoring escapades completed, or at least the opening bits of it.