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Zach Zupancic

Senior Designer, SolidWorks addict, AutoCAD zealot, Cyclist, Shade Tree Mechanic, & moderately tall. 

What happens in Vegas, makes you smile.

Vega's Tailor Shop

As the days grow colder and become more and more fantastic, there is a need to get my trousers and jackets tailored to match my new body size. Other than my will and word; there is no real way to say that these clothes will fit forever. So why take them to get fitted? Simple answer is that my weight has stayed at 195 for the past 10 days. Because of that knowledge I can say that my body has adjusted well to the increase in physical exercise and the amount of calories that I am now ingesting (back up to 1500-1700). Other than my weight, there is an even greater need to make my clothes fit my personality. Gone are the days of the boxy 50sesq jackets with the slim to the leg trousers.

What better way to document the greatness of tailoring than in a real life situation, with a normal person, with reasonably prices clothes.

speaking of reasonably priced clothes there is the other option of buying a whole new wardrobe with appropriately fitting garments, but lets face it there is no reason to dump well over $600 on clothes that I already have in my possession.

Blank Slate

And so we begin with my first, and one of my more favorite jackets. I bought this for my interview with TelData, and on my drive to the interview I burned a hole in the lower left hand corner. It will not be fixed, due to it giving a little story and history behind it.

Grey jacket dark grey pant front

In the front view you will notice that the jacket is quite loose around the waist and the sleeves are too bulky for my taste. The trousers, while giving the appearance of being okay, they are in fact not. The "slim leg" of H&M is only slim when it is compared to a boot cut. The slight flare at the bottom of the pant is an opstical illusion.

Grey jacket dark grey pant side

In the side view you can see how the jacket adds pounds to the upper portion of my body, and while the pants make it seem like I do not have a Zupancic flat butt, it doesn’t say much for accentuating my legs. You can also see how baggy the sleeves are in this view, this only makes to further the bulk of the jacket.

Black jacket grey plaid front

This jacket, while the same size as the grey, actually has a better fit. There is still more room to improve though, the sleeves need to be taken in a hair. The body of the jacket also needs to be brought in at the gut and waist to give a more pleasurable look. The trousers... well I almost should just throw these away. They are a size and a half too big, but since they have weird buttons at the hip I can bring them so that they fit normally. The fit of the pant leg is disastrous.

Black jacket grey plaid side

As you can see, the jacket does come in slightly at the waist, but still adds some bulk to my upper body. The trousers need some major work to even make them presentable.

tux jacket jeans front

I found this jacket at a thrift store for $15, and it has never really left the closet. While the sleeves are quite good form the elbow down, they lose their slimness anywhere else. The body seems to me made for someone with a barrel of a body with skinny arms. The Levi 514s have already been tailored once, but it is in need of one more to make them awesome. Right now the foot opening is at 7.5", and I am going to lower it to 7 1/8"; by doing this it will give the appearance of making my legs look longer.

tux jacket jeans side

As you can tell the body of the jacket needs to be taken in, and the jeans need a little more tapering the bottom.

leather jeans front

I re-found a leather jacket that was hiding, this jacket used to be way too tight, and I could barely even zip it up, now it fits perfectly and will make its way back into normal wear. The way that it is fitted is pretty much the standard to how I want everything I own to fit.

leather jeans side

Had to bring the collar up, cheesy yes, but I am just a cheesy kind of person.

Peacoat grey pant front

I have had this pea coat for quite sometime and it has done me quite well. It is the only gap piece of clothing that I own and I have had a hard time trying to find something better to replace it with. I am quite torn as to whether or not to tailor the pea coat to fantasticness. If I were to take it in then I would most likely lose the ability to wear it as an overcoat, but then again I am not in an area that requires you to wear layers; and when that time comes there is only one option, Burberry. The solid grey trousers fit alright, but like all of my others they need to be taken in all throughout the leg and tapered to a 7" opening.

Peacoat grey pant side

Here you can really see the form loss of the coat.

Tan suit front

The jacket needs to be taken in everywhere. This suit is the same as the white one that I wore to the Mighty Boosh signing, just in another color. It will be tailored in the same fashion.

Tan suit side

Now while you may critique the way that my pants are crinkled there a reason for it. Due to it being linen the amount of wrinkles that develop during normal day are extraordinary. The way I get around it is to twist them all up multiple times and leave them hanging oddly. By doing this the pants don’t lose their appeal midway through the day; it also gives the appearance that it is tailored to my leg.

zara suit front

Ahh, my favorite suit. This suit used to fit well from the shop, but as the pounds were dropped so did the fit of the suit.

zara suit side

Body like all the rest needs to be taken in to get that younger and fitter look. Pants need to be tapered all the way through.


After I took all of these photographs I made my way over to Vegas. He told me that he already has too many clothes in his shop, and wouldn’t be able to take all of them at once; in his defense I did bring in 6 pairs of pants, 5 jackets, and a pea coat. Luckily, I was able to drop off my blue/grey suit and grey jacket; as I need the suit for this upcoming weekend and I would wear the jacket more often if it fit.

'till next time