Zach Zupancic

Zach Zupancic

Senior Designer, SolidWorks addict, AutoCAD zealot, Cyclist, Shade Tree Mechanic, & moderately tall. 

2%, and no not the milk.

A couple of years ago I told myself that I wanted, no needed, to lose weight; and after a year of semi-dieting, and working out, I was able to lose 100 pounds. Then 6 months rolled around and I gained about 30 pounds of that back and started to really think about the horribles that were happening to my body. I did some minor working out, but it was really nothing at all; thankfully I was able to get my weight back down to a steady 215, but nothing below. Then a couple of months ago I had plan to lose at least 16lbs in 30 days so that I could finally break a wall that I had never been able to break in the past; 200lbs. After some dieting I was able to meet the goal, and actually continue onward to 195lbs, that was October 2nd. Since then I have increased my calorie intake by a bit, but thankfully I have not gained any weight at all. I have actually lost weight; the idea of breaking into 180 has become a frequent reality. So for the last month I have been able to maintain a weight of 188-193 (189 as of today), and I am ready to take it to the next logical step, muscle building.

While I was working at Teldata last year, I was putting in about 100 miles a week on the bicycle. Yes I was smoking, but I was fit. When I got on the bike a few weeks ago I was barely able to get through the 10 mile route without getting off the bike to rest; and this bothered me. And to top it off since I was obese, I have a lot of excess skin that just kind of sits on my body making me a bit soft. This gets me to the 2% idea. Two months ago when I started the diet to break below 200 my body fat percentage was at 15.4%, after I lost all of the weight it was at 11.2%. I was able to lose 4.2% body fat in a month, and in my opinion that is pretty frikken intense. The new goal is to break into a single digit fat percentage in 30 days.

On the number side, 1.3% doesn't seem like it will be that hard, and maybe it won't be; but the challenge is still there. It is one thing to be thin, it is another to be fit. Another thing is the idea of possibly having visible abs, which is insane. Apparently they become visible anywhere below 10%, but are really apparent at 7%. The structure of my workout plan will be very similar to the ideals on how I got below 200; minimal cost. The accepted muscle building routine is pretty simple, every other day for 30 minutes, and cardio whenever possible. I will start on the 23rd and my training will be as such: Cycle at least 10 miles everyday but Sunday, and cross-train (sit-ups, push-ups, free weights) Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

While I am very pleased on the transformation of my body within the last year, I still feel like I could be better. And let's not forget that the thinner you are the more clothes that you can fit into, and the slimmer they can be :)

-till next time