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After the pins pt3, and the love of technology.

I was supposed to have a couple of jackets to photograph, but one of them needed to be taken in a bit more and should be done on Monday. Before I can get into the comparisons of the clothes though I really have to talk about a new discovery; camera+computer+computer+iPhone = awesome. In the past this is what I have done to take a self-portrait: set my camera on a mountain of stuff (amp, laundry bin, and box) to make sure that it was at the right height, squeeze my head behind the camera hoping to get it straight and that I am in view, set the shutter delay to 5 seconds, click the release button, hurry to the wall, and repeat to make sure I got a few good shots to choose from. Now it is a completely different story.

I started off with the simple idea of wanting to control the camera through my computer: aperture, shutter speed, shutter release, white balance, and exposure compensation. While Nikon does have a program out there that lets you do all of these things, I wasn’t in a rush to spend $80 on something I wouldn’t use that often. With a bit of research I found a simple program from that does everything I am looking for, and for free. This presented a new problem; since I stand a good distance from the computer when I take a photo, I would need to have a really really long USB cord. This got me thinking about controlling my computer through another computer via remote desktop, that way I could review all of the shots right after taking them. This led to yet another issue; I can’t be leaning over a computer to click a button in every picture. This was even easier to answer; I just use the iPhone to control the mouse via the app Remote Pad. Here are shots of the setup


The other way that I could have done this, and to be honest it would have been significantly easier, would be to use the RDP lite app on the iPhone. This would have negated the use of a second laptop, and the use of Remote Pad, but the aforementioned set-up was just too cool.


On to the after shots of the black jacket!

black jacket front
black jacket side

Comparison times… oh, I just realized that I should have worn the grey plaid pants to make them closer to the original photo. I figure that when I finish tailoring all of my clothes I will do one last write up showing all the changes to all of the clothes.

Black jacket grey plaid front
black jacket front

Crazy, I never really noticed this before, but just by looking at my face and neck I have gotten thinner; then again it could just be the lighting… but I digress. It is less apparent in the front view to see how much has changed with this jacket, but there is still something there. As with most of the jackets that I have talked about the before is very boxy, and not at all form fitting. There has been quite a bit of fabric taken in at the high waist, and there is a slight bit more form showing. The sleeves were taken in around the forearm, but once again Mr. Vega is hesitant to take it in at the bicep; it was still taken in, but not to a real noticeable level. This jacket really does need to get taken to the cleaners, but I will save that for when I really need to do such things. All in all, I like the way that it turned out

Black jacket grey plaid side
black jacket side

Here you can really see the changes. The overall width of the jacket has come in, and you can see that the high waist pinch gives my upper body more of V shape instead of a U. It is harder to see due it being black, but the sleeves have come in and are tighter around my wrist.
The fit of the jacket has improved significantly and I no longer feel like I am swimming in it. I did notice that the top button is on its last couple of threads and I will definitely need to fix that before I wear this out for some rumpus activities.

-till next time

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