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Zach Zupancic

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Engines, carbs, and hoists oh my!

I woke up this morning and got in touch with the guy that was selling the 71 engines and tranny for $300, George. But before I left, I had to pick up an engine hoist, and clean out the back of the truck. I was able to get on the road by 10:45ish. I wasn’t too pleased with this; I have been starting my days at 8, now it was going to be pushed back until at least noon.

When I arrived in Mira Mesa his house was littered with cars: 67 mustang fast back, 69 Camaro, Corvair (I think), and his daily driver is an Austin-Healey. When I saw the post on craigslist I was skeptical on the status of the engine; but after seeing all of these I was sure that if he said it was running, it probably was. We talked about cars and what we have owned and modified. Since I am a 240z owner now, I asked him dozens of questions regarding the engine: what went where, what I can sell, and what I can safely remove. Needless to say, He knew his stuff.

I arrived at my house around 12:30 and unloaded the engine from truck. I got a few bricks out and set the engine down upon it so that I could start working on it. And let’s not forget the cleaning that would need to take place before it got into the car. I know... cleaning! All of the cars that I have had in the past were well... not the clean. Whenever I swapped engines and/or transmissions; cleaning wasn’t even a word. But unlike people, things change. While I have no intention of making this a show car, I do want to make it a 10 footable –or a Monet, good from a few feet back but when you get up close you can see the imperfections-. Once I get the engine bay clean and painted flat white I really won’t care what happens to it, but I want to start with something clean.

Speaking of engine bays, it wasn't until 4pm today that I realized something; no engine harness. Now while some of you may be used to the whole idea of nothing connected to the engine, I am not. On my Rx7s I had 9 electrical plugs, 3 coolant hoses, 2 fuel lines, and a few other random things that I needed to connect to the engine so that it would start, and run. After I am done removing the emission equipment on the 240z I will have: 3 coolant hoses, 1 vacuum line, fuel lines, and a plug wire running from the coil to the distributer. Notice something? Yep, I will not have any electronics; unless you count the wire to the distributer. It is such a change from the norm, or FC Rx7 norm. This is the main reason I want to start with a clean engine bay.

Due to me getting such a late start, and me still learning about the engine, not much was finished. Tomorrow is going to be another day of little done on the car; I will be moving it to a better location, and I will be picking up Mo from the airport!! It is okay though, there is no rush to get this running; more importance is put on quality rather than speed. While on the drive today I was thinking about the statement "I will make this car run for under $1000." While I still want to stand by this, I am going to make an amendment to it; anything I sell off of the car has a negative impact to the cost of the car. For example; if I sell the extra parts for $400 the car would have only cost $500 ($900 current total minus $400 from the sell equals $500). Instead of saying "I will only spend," I should have said "less than $1000 out of pocket." This way I can stretch out that last $100 farther, and still be okay.

Here are some shots from the beginning of the day, and as it sits right now not much has changed.


-till next time