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The streets will crumble all crumbly like...

There have been many things that have happened in the last 30 days: Christmas, project car fantastics, slight update on the blag, and the purchase of a new computer (hasn't arrived yet, but should tomorrow). One of these stands out as the most important thing that I have invested my time with; the project car. Before the car the focus had been on fashion, photography, and to a lesser extent technology, but then my passions of the past(xxxxxxx) came to conquer and dominate lifestyles. Today marks the 32nd day of the project and with it probably the most important part of a project car's life; her maiden voyage.

I purchased this 1973 Datsun 240z for $500 from a wonderful couple a dozen or so miles from my house. Even though she wasn't the prettiest girl, what she lacks in initial beauty she more than makes up for with class.

1973 Datsun 240z
1973 Datsun 240z

As I started to get farther and farther along with the project my hands started to have the constant cuts. My nails, which are usually very clean, had a constant bit of grime underneath them. There were moments where I thought that the car was just doing this to spite me, but now I am thinking that it is her way of letting me know that I would have to work to make this long ignored gal my own. So far, It has been worth it.

So far her heart has been swapped; actually if an engine is the heart then the ECU is the brain of the car, my gal has no brain... but I digress. Her body went on a diet and has been stripped of almost all excess, and any time that I have had to replace a part it has been with something better. And now with a little help from my Fit, I was able to get the car tuned and ready to hit the road.

Here is her maiden voyage, driving under her own power.

[day 32, total cost is $1300]

As expected this run around was meant to not only prove that it could be done, but also to see if the drive-train was working. All was in order but there are indeed some things that I need to replace/fix: the speedometer is not working, the throwout bearing (really the whole clutch assembly) needs to be replaced, and she isn't as fast as I thought she would be (still torquey though). She is still early in her emergence into the world, and as such there are still a few things that I want to get for her before she makes her grand appearance.

-till next time

P.S. I will be on my way to Santa Rosa after the lappy gets in tomorrow so the next few posts will be photographs of the raddest kids that I know.