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Zach Zupancic

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We were having issues last weekend with the engine being temperamental, and figured that it was due to my use of points. So we went out and I picked up a GM HEI ignition module, new coil, and attempted to wire it up following the standard method. Unfortunately it wouldn't start up, at all. I was using plubers tape, and zip-ties to hold it in place, so I knew that the issue was due to the module not grounding correctly.

So I I went down to the hardware store this morning and picked up a 3" L bracket at about 1/8" thick, some boltsnutswashers, and some electrical tape. I got back to the house and with the help of a ball-peen hammer, and a drill I was able to flatten the bracket out and drill a new hole so that it would gourd to the chassis well.

GM HEI bracket mount

After that I plugged everything back in, and brraaapppp; she started right up. I waited for the engine to get warm, and then started to tune the idle. The carbs are pulling 3.5-4 on the synchrometer, idle screws are out 3/4 of a turn, and she is idling at 650rpm. With this news in my mind tank I took Dsalni's advice and cut my fenders an inch-ish in the front so that the tyres would no longer rub; this way I can actually turn.

Took her for a quick spin, and zombie barbecue... nearly puts the 7 to shame! Tomorrow I will be taking her out into the real world of stop and go with coffee and cigarettes, so we will see how it is really doing.

First shots without a tent
First shots without a tent

I played with these RAW pictures with Photoshop, and as a consequence don't really like them. The first shot looks as if it from a video game, and the second..... eeehhh I dunno. Yes I know I was shooting in the direction of the sun, but I was hoping to get more of a flash than a complete washout. Oh well, tomorrow is a day filled with the car on the road in a location other than in front of the garage.

However there are still a couple of things that I need to work out before I rip the wiring out of the car...

-Figure out why the brake pedal is as hard as a rock. It is either that the brake master cylinder isnt getting the vacuum it needs, which is doubtful; or that the 15/16th brake master cylinder that I just picked up at the junkyard needs to be re-built.

-Tach doesn't seem to like to go above 5k rpm, but I am pretty sure there is some resister that i need to add.

- E-Brake needs adjusting.

-till next time, and hopefully with some better pictures.