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Zach Zupancic

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A few updates on the automobile front

Found out that one of the welds on the header was causing a exhaust leak; so I am heading back to the shop later this week to have it replaced. It will suck because that means I have to remove it from the car and drive a couple of hours to get it done, but it will be awesome because I will finally be able to hear my carbs and full growl that much better!

My brakes were giving me some issues; in so that as I would drive the brakes would slowly start to sieze to the rotor. With a lot of trial and error, and a question posed to the knowledgeable,  I found out that I had adjusted the push rod in the vacuum booster too far out and the master cylinder wasn't returning to dead stop. After a quite a few MC pulls and measurements I have finally got it all sorted out.

The 240sx coil-over conversion sleeves have been shipped from Canada, and should arrive within the next couple of weeks, which means that I'll be slammed as I can be within a month!

Finally finished the wiring diagram for the car; although I may add another relay for the sound circuit, so it too can ground switched.

WIRING DIAGRAM rev12 routed

And tomorrow I am going to drive around the more scenic areas of the area and see if I can finally steal a couple of good shots of the car before I put it on jack stands and flush the break-in fluids.

Oh, and I finally felt comfortable enough with the status of the car to put the greatness on its rear window

PaperCar Racing Club

-till next time