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Zach Zupancic

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It got hot, so I plugged it.

Been quite some time, but I just picked up a new client and have been working alldayeveryday; then agian, to get to his office I can take a fun windy road, which is surprisingly faster than taking the most direct route.

A couple of days ago on the drive home my car started to overheat. So I pulled over, checked for a leak, checked the fluid level, noticed it was too low, let it cool down, and limped home. When I got to the house I filled the radiator with some fluid and checked for a leak. I couldn't find it for the life of me, and then I started to rev the engine and she spat at me. There happened to be a small pinhole in the outlet line from the heater core to the engine block. Balls. Took me about 4 seconds and figured, what better time than now to remove it! 


removed heater


removed heater

I have yet to remove the heater core in the cockpit, as I had to drive to the office in the morning, but it will happen as soon as I replace the dash. When that happens. I'll make sure to make a new camera mount and get a video that isnt so... cloverfield monsterish.

Any fears of this causing the engine to overheat, or to speed the heating of the engine, were thrown out the window today due to how I was driving to and from the office!

-'till next time.

P.S. really loving the blogger update.