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Flickr users rejoice!

Okay, well more like really HATE what flickr has done to the linking of photos. While the HTML embedding only took a slight change, quick acess to the .jpg link disappeared completely. So while I was on the hunt to find a faster way than "open in new tab" or "copy image url" I came across this neat little javascript

javascript:(function(){ var sz=prompt('Enter size S, M, L');if(sz){sz=sz.toLowerCase();s = document.getElementById('share-menu-options-embed-textarea-'+sz).value;s = s.replace(/\u003ca\s+href="/, '[url=').replace(/"\s+title=".*?">\u003c/, '').replace(/img\s+src="/, '][img]').replace(/.jpg"(.+)$/, '.jpg[/img][/url]');prompt(s, s);}})() 

What it does is create a that link ([url][img]xxx.jpg[/img][/url]) for you. I wish that Flickr would have thought of BB coding when they were revamping the site, but alas they didn't.

To use it just create a new bookmark, paste that code into the URL, and put it on your bookmark bar. Now whenever you want to post an image to a forum just bring up the photo page, click on that bookmark, choose your size, and KER-PLOW. 

Massive thanks to -RobW- on Flickr for the code.

-'till next time

p.s. I miss the old Flickr.