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Zach Zupancic

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Lets go driving and get really greasy

Very successful weekend at the junkyard; I was able to pick up what looks to be a recently rebuilt 94 b230, 15g turbo, ford T5 transmission, wiring harness with ECU and EZK, alternator, and a 960 Throttle body. All that is left is the bell housing and LH 2.4 flywheel, and my swap is complete.

Total spent the swap comes up to about $400; which to the un-aware is cheaper than a twin cam KA without a tranny. boom.

Here are some pictures.

volvo b230+16v+t+1

wiring harness

volvo head t5

the stuff+1

And yeah we went from having zero turbos to having 5; (R to L) 15g, 2 garret t3s, CT26, and a 13g.

turbo much

-'till next time