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So this week I finally got around to tearing apart the Volvo LH2.4 engine wiring harness and removing everything that I would have no use for.

The layout

Volvo lh2.4 harness

The fray

Volvo lh2.4 harness

The near completion

Volvo lh2.4 harness

I still have to splice some of the wires together, as well as see what needs to be lengthened and shortened after it is placed in the car, but for now I am finished with it.

Also I decided to use a different fuse box after seeing the guts of it when I was looking in the junkyard. The reason for the switch to this box is in the ease of wiring. On the maxima fusebox everything had to go through relay so that it could give power to somethings and not others; this is the reason why there were so few circuits, and why they were not all in a row.

Volvo front
Volvo Fuse Box

Maxima Front
fuse and relay box

While the thought of using less circuits is great, the lack of building upon it in the future was dashed if i were to use the Maxima box; the Volvo box on the other had gives me 26 possible circuits. That was not the main reason why I pulled it though, the main reason is that on the rear of the Volvo box all of the connections are visible and are female spade plugs. What that translates into is the availability to use whatever size fuse I want without worry if the stock wires could take it. Another plus is that there are 4 male spades per fuse; 1 for power, and the other 3 go out to the unit. To give you a prime example of how I am going to use this when I build the body harness is when I go to wire in the fog lights and reverse flood light, instead of splicing the wires i can just run them straight from the spade.

Volvo Rear
Volvo Fuse Box

Maxima Rear
fuse and relay box

I will have to re-calc how much wire that I am going to have to buy for the body harness; as the fuse box has changed and I have better understanding of the Volvo engine harness, but here was my first go at it the lengths and types...

16-4 (G, Y, Br, W) @ 30'
14-4 (G, Y, Br, W) @ 20'
12-3 (G, B, W)@ 25'
14g Red @ 20'
14g Dark Green @ 15'

Which equals out to 310' of wire. I am not really sure how much will be added or removed from that, but i doubt it will be much.

-'till next time