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Year in Review

Well another year has passed of me posting on this blag, and as such it is time for a year in review.

I kicked off the year with my 240z being cut into pieces


Martin re-introduced me to rock climbing; looking at these makes me want to get back on a bike to get these legs back into shape.

Indoor Rock Climbing

After a month with the shell I had her up and running

And then made her sound awesome

Then gave her a quick spray

240z paint pt 2

Put her on the ground, even though she looked like a monster truck. She is the first 240z photographed with both a BRE front lip and ZG flares (50 pages of google images, and 150+ flickr pages confirmed)

Datsun 240z with ZG flares and BRE front lip

Had fun cleaning a carb, turned out it didn’t help.

Started to work on my wiring diagram, oh how it has changed!)


Went to New York and had lots of coffee


Someone in the UK was selling my Octopus logo on eBay, and I got some triple weber DCOE 40s

Velocity Stacks

Then she got coffee with me for the first time.

Im in your streets

Made the usual trip to the LBGP with the short shorts

Long Beach GP 2010

Real life

PaperCar Racing Club

With nascar sounds

Then slammed the car to the ground with the help of YoshiFab.

S13 Megan Coilover install
S13 Megan Coilover install
S13 Megan Colover install on a 240z
S13 Megan Colover install on a 240z


240z too low...
240z ride height

Got a new camera.

Ian's House random gathering

Made the Z sound great

The car lost 40lbs

40 pounds $40, gutting the doors

The Crazy Octopus returned

The octopus arrives

And the car got internet famous.

My sister graduated

Zoe's graduation

Took a photography class that changed my way of life

Matt's house

Had a 240 gathering at the house

240 much?
240 much?

Martin’s car was no longer able to run over a soda can

fitment jealousy...

Replaced the dash.

240sx dash install

Dropped to a new weight low of 185, and did some self portraits for my final project.

Personal Project
Personal Project

Went driving.

July Photo ops with the 240z
Around the towne

Then get really really loud for open header night

Then she began her stint in the air, while I gathered parts for a Volvo b230+16v+t engine swap with a Ford T-5 transmission swap.

volvo b230+16v+t+1
one hour engine pull
Valve Relief

Went to DC for the rally to restore sanity/fear with my sister.

Washington DC
Washington DC
Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

More real life.

PaperCar jacket

The Volvo engine finally put together

Engine assembly

Only to find out that it had a crack in the block…

god damnit

And help make pasta from scratch.

Pasta making with Kate

All in all it was an eventful year, and above all far better than 2009. The blag itself grew in viewership tipping around 19,500 (nearly 10 times more than last year) views throughout the year and an average daily view of 50 (more than 3 times more than last year) page loads. The blog moved from just being viewed by friends to being seen all across the states as well as from Oxford UK to Warsaw Poland; Bratislava Slovakia to Canterbury New Zealand; Bayen Germany to Seoul Korea; Canarias Spain to Ontario Canada; Queensland Australia to Paris France; and Fukuoka Japan to Oppland Norway to name a few.

This year looks to be quite promising with the car to be up and running within the next couple months, daily photographs, and simply just more awesome. As always I’ll keep with the updates as long as you keep viewing them.

-‘till next time.
The CrazyOctopus