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032, late posting, and 033

So as you have seen I have been in the process of moving to a new place. Rent is a bit more than what I was paying, but it comes with a huge benefit; the garage. At my old place all of my project cars have been regulated to the driveway or side of the house, now it can stay protected in a garage; not to mention the fact that working on it during the cold/rainy season will be far better. I do lose out on the massive room that I was living in, but I am fine with the current size (from an 11'x16' to a about an 8.5'x11'). 

== Side note: I haven't used a zoom lens in ages, and I can finally see the difference in clarity and crispness that the 35mm prime gives me==

It took me 3 trips in the fit to get everything at the new place, and here is the aftermath.


After I set up my bed I started getting all of the hangers put up.

Gonna cut is close...

The unpacking for the evening was short lived, as there was mention of heading to the pub. And well... where there is alcohol, I must be. After we returned, I did a bit more unpacking and spoke with Kate about how I was going to set-up the room. IKEA was the obvious answer, but for those prices, I feel that I could do it for less and more to my liking. When the evening ended I still had 3 bags left and I needed to get up in the morning to head to Oceanside to finish up on some designs. So as a good kid, I went to sleep at 1:45am. 

I awoke around 6:45, which has been highly unusual as of late, and was instantly terrified that I overslept on 
My alarm, thankfully that was not was not the case. I finally had the chance to wake up with the sun, and for me it is far better than an alarm. Due to me not getting much sleep I decided to stay in bed and wait for the alarm to ring. I got up alright, but the day was a bit long due to the late night.

I left Oceanside around 5pm and made my way back to the house, and stopped at Home Depot along the way. Looked around at what they had to offer, and took notes on the prices. I then ran to the F'n Easy and decided that I wanted to make some stir fry. I picked up some udon noodles, green and orange peppers, onions, beef strips (I was feeling lazy), extra virgin olive oil, and some garlic naan bread. Thankfully they are well stocked in pots and pans, however they are lacking in the spice department (quickly remedied within the next week or so). Everything turned out a lot better than I expected, but I should have known to pick up some spices. Cleaned it all up and that whole ordeal (buy, cook, eat, clean) took an hour, not too shabby.   

I went back into the danger zone that is my room, and continued to sort and judge my things. This is how my room looks currently.


And the sleeping side.


I still have a 45 pound bag full of shoes, and another full of car clothes to unpack, but the main things are ready for use and quick access. This brings me to why I stopped at Home Depot on the way home. I need places to put things. Awhile back I saw in article in a ReadyMade about the use of pegboards and another from the blog dornob about using fabric as a bookshelf (too lazy to find the articles, but a good googling will provide). I figure that the wall to the right of the bed will be all peg board, the wall will be painted a very vibrant color, and the pegboard another so that when you look through the holes you will see something more than a traditional white wall. The pegboard will be used to hang my shoes, photos, and anything really. There will be a cut-out for the existing mirror, and another for a desk that I will either buy from IKEA ( or one that I build from scratch. The drawers will be used to hold clothes, and the top of the desk for random nicknacks. 

Who knows what else I will come across in the days to come, but at least my suits are hung.

-'till next time