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041, my iPhone4 completely custom case

This happened  quite a bit quicker than I had expected, but hey faster results are always nice to have. But before I get into it, I am going to do a bit of a back story on my case design.

When I first got my iPhone4 I was completely stressed out about having a case, and after a day or so of searching, reading and watching reviews I found one that I really liked. Unfortunately the case that I wanted I could not buy in any store that I went to. Eventually I just gave up and bought a case on sale at the at&t store; Speck fitted. It did me well, but I really wanted one that I found while scowering the youtube reviews; the LTDtools iPhone case

However there are some issues that I have with their design. 

The cuts on the back lend to scratches on the glass. The delrin bushings that he uses are extremely rigid, and do not extend past the metal, so if you ever drop the phone it would be smacking hard on the metal case. While the flip option is neat, I would never use it (they do offer one without). The way that you inset the phone is by sliding it in from the top, which from the video looks like it could be very prone to scratches. 

Nit picking about a case when you have nothing to show, or a lack of critic is... lame. So I decided to make my own. I expanded on the idea of using laser cut metal held together with bolts and bushings. 

iPhone4 custom case

The busings would be made out of nylon instead of delrin, while nylon is still pretty rigid they are not as rigid as delrin ($8 for 100 from McMasterCarr). The bolts and nuts would be 4-40 brass at .75in long and then cut to spec when the case was complete ($3 at local hardware store). The metal would not be directly touching the glass, I would have a piece of fabric protecting it from scratches. I really wanted the plates to be made out of brass or bronze, but getting that cut would cost significantly more due to the need of a CNC machine rather than a laser cutter (brass is too reflective). Lay down protection would be taken care of by the nuts and bolts.

aaannnddddddd...... boom.

iPhone4 custom case

The nylon came in a day later, and then I put it all together.

iPhone4 custom case
Initials on the top cover

lookie lookie can your case stand on its side?

Of course nothing made by me cannot be without my octopus
iPhone4 custom case

it is like the camera and the flash are its eyes!

And a custom case is not really custom until you jailbreak it (thanks Chronic Dev Team!)
jailbroken custom casejailbroken custom case

Hope you like it as much as I do.

-'till next time