Zach Zupancic

Zach Zupancic

Senior Designer, SolidWorks addict, AutoCAD zealot, Cyclist, Shade Tree Mechanic, & moderately tall. 

068 Robin (lp), 069 Drinks with Louis XIV

I needed something ASAP, so here is Robbie and Erin at my place talking about something deeply riveting.


Last night we started out the evening at this awesome restaurant in San Diego called Veg-n-out. Amazing veggie burgers, and their fries (read large potato wedges) were outstanding. After that we made out way to Fluxx to see Hot Moon, Lesands, and the reuniting of Louis XIV. Short and sweet of it all: Hot Moon had a couple good songs, lesands shook the house, and Louis XIV tore it down. I was hoping for a bit more of the sensualness in Jason Hill's voice, but we did not leave disappointed


This morning I made my way to Cafe101 where I grabbed some coffee and avocado omelet for breakfast before my first half day at work! Woooo love Fridays!

-'till next time