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Zach Zupancic

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I hate this game... (actual car update)

It has been too long since I have actually done any wiring on a car, and I never was really that good at it to begin with, but I have finally gotten around to tackling the chassis. With the wiring diagram that I created on the screen I started connecting everything to the relay and fuse box.


Drilled out my switch panel as well as my instrument panel and mounted what I needed to mount.




--This is not the final look of the panels, they will be covered with some fabric so that it doesn't blind me while I am driving.--

I am pretty stoked about how it turned out, and once it was all ready I started testing. At that moment I was no longer stoked about it...

Nothing worked, absolutely nothing. I kept trying different things and checking grounds but nothing was working. The relays were clicking, but none of the lights turned on. So after about 5 more minutes I called it a weekend and started to let the vodka+ flow.

During this time of intoxication I started to think about how I wired up the relays. I went everywhere on the internets with a diagram as to how ground switch relays are wired I found out that I was correct in what I did. However, what I did do wrong was mirror where the wires go to... yeah... I'm that guy. Somewhere down the line my numbers got switched around:

my layout translated from the Nissan numbers

30(1) --ooo-- 87(2)
85(3) __/   -- 86(5)


86(1) --ooo--85(2)
30(3) __/   --  87(5)

So yeah... the visual diagram that I put at the bottom of the page is correct, just the Nissan numbers that I associated with it were wrong. I should have double checked but I figured that after 15 revisions it would be good. 

Oh well such is life, and it isn't that big of a deal to re-plug everything back together. And that is my plan for this week, that way I have the whole weekend to make a transmission mount and hopefully start on the engine wiring harness, but I may save that for the very last thing that I do. 

'till next time