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Stuff happened...

A bit of an update...

Due to my last post of happiness, and actually getting visual progress, I had a new found rush of working on my car again. As such I worked on my car on Saturday with the hope that I would be able to make a transmission mount as well as see how much I had to cut off of my driveshaft to make it fit.

But before any of that could be done we had to get some sim racing in

back with a force

The next morning I made a quick run to the hardware store and picked up the required metal, bolts, and nuts. After a short bit of hammering, heating, and drilling I created a transmission mount. After final fit was done on the chassis I made a couple more holes into the chassis and bolted it all up.

transmission in!

Now it was time to see how much I was either going to have to cut off or add to the driveshaft to make it work...

So I bolted in the driveshaft...

bolted in driveshaft for fitment

And BOOM!!! YESSS!!!


Seriously only about 1/16" from being where it was from the factory! Soooooo incredible. Now all that is needed is to find a U-joint that will convert the Datsun size to the Mustang size and I will be golden!

This week will be spend re-researching what I will need to finish the car and hopefully within the month I will be finished; actually I want to be finished by the 26th so that I can enter into open header night and roll around town being fucking loud, but we will see if that is actually possible.

-'till next time