Zach Zupancic

Zach Zupancic

Senior Designer, SolidWorks addict, AutoCAD zealot, Cyclist, Shade Tree Mechanic, & moderately tall. 


Man I really forgot how much I enjoy cycling.


Made it to Solana beach! @ 16mph avg! Adding 1 mph per week so far!

Cold day

and after 4 days of it i feel awesome and ready for more, so I am going to give my body a rest today and then take a long morning ride satuday, get that total to 130ish!

-Insert parental type rant-
Now I do not keep the cleanest and tidiest of rooms, but it is respectable and I never have a fear about bringing someone into it, i.e. a girl. The rest of my roommates don’t feel the same way... they are a bit more of the messy type and seem to have no issue with it; 3 cats, inside cats btw, don’t make for a nice smell. Now I cook quite a bit, and usually cook enough food for two people. When I am done cooking I clean my dishes and 98.654% of the time I clean the pots/pans that I used as well. This has been building up for about a week and now I can’t even clean the dishes that I just used. ==When I do clean them I usually make a whole bunch of noise as well; this way, whomever is near knows that they have the capability to clean their own stuff after they are done, thanks mom==

Dirty dishes

Dirty dishes

So after a full day of work, 1.5h of cycling (woo 104 miles in 4 days!!), and cooking dinner I spend another hour and a bit cleaning everyone else dishes.

Clean dishes

Clean dishes

Then I take a shower and finally can relax at 10pm. Now to show my roommates what I spent my evening doing, I left them sprawled on the counter so they can see how many dishes were actually jammed into that sink.

I go to bed, wake up and walk downstairs to grab my apple and banana for breakfast and I see....

Wtf are you serious dishes

... I give up. Zero fucks were given.

-till next time