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New Things!

So I am really getting to like this a week at a glance thing. Sure it is kind of lazy in its own way, but then it forces me to take photos of all of the stuff I do so that I can post them all here. WOO!

My new shoes finally came in, ZIG-ZAG Winos.
ZIG-ZAG wino

They came with some alternative lace color
ZIG-ZAG wino

And for those that know me, and for those that follow me, you know that I went with the red laces. As far as the shoes as shoes are concerned, they are awesometastic: very light, comfortable, and the 13s fit my 14 feet!

Katy, James, Martin and I were joined by a very special guest this week for Farket day MISSY! Martin's wife. It was by far one of the best farket scores that I have had in a long time. Also I tried my hand at some jalapeno poppers (without the breading)..... O_O amazeballs. They were stuffed with either feta, mozzarella, cojita, brie, or a combination of a couple of them. The cojita was the biggest success amongst the group, but my favorite was the brie (spicy of the jalapeno with the smoothness of the brie... best)
Farket day 9.20.12

I had a very happy iPhone 5 release day, I ordered online and had it shipped to my folk's house
iPhone 5 release day!
Ovaries... I mean earpods
(earpods look like ovaries... things you cant unsee)

Size difference....
iPhone 4 vs iPhone 5
.... It is the same size (?)
iPhone 4 vs iPhone 5

Finally had to chance to return to the Flying Pig, and it was just as delicious as the first time that I was there. 
The Flying Pig's flatbread
The Flying Pig's Pork Burger with Egg
If you are in the area, and want some good beers and pork, go here. 

Saturday night Martin, Missy and I met up with Katy, James, and a friend of theirs for another eve of fun; only this time we made a bonfire at the house
Bonfire in the fireplace

Can't have a bonfire without S'mores
Martin roastin' S'mores


Sunday rolled around and Martin, Missy, and I (I really wish that I could use "me" in that situation... IT WOULD BE TRIPLE M!!!) moseyed (that would have been quadruple) to Fallbrook to have some fun as well as have some fun celebrating my pop's birthday. It was ggggooooodddddd. Sadly you will have to wait for photos, as I still have to edit them, however I can say that it was super fun.

-'till next time