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Zach Zupancic

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I drove it home!


I have been having too much fun fiddling with the car to post anything about it, but hey... better fiddling with the Z than just fiddling with my thumbs...

Last Friday Martin and I made our way down to Yoshifab to pick up the car, and bring her home.

Her first meal with her new heart & brain implant (american lard of 91 octane)

First Meal

Her first real drive on the street

(applers click here)

Look at her pretty tuckus...

Home again, home again

After some adjustment of parts and tightening of some bolts 'n bolts, I was able to get her to idle at a decent RPM.

(I really need to figure out how to integrate flickr to work with iPhones...)

This however was a small victory, there was another issue with the, I think, IAC and it is causing her to have a higher than normal idle when warm. It is either that or I need to adjust the TPS, or there is a slight vacuum leak, or maybe my dizzy... I really have no idea at this point. For now I am idling at 1100RPM and I would like it to be 750-900.

Hopefully Josh will have an answer when I stop by on Friday to patch up an exhaust leak, if not then I'll deal with it after I solve the short that I have in the running lights circuit.

'till next time.

ps. I also strapped on the front lip (FINALLY) and man oh man SEX FACE MCGEE