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Zach Zupancic

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The Headboard

I deeeeeddd iiiiiitttttttt

First step was to take one last look at what my room looked like before

#before #headboard

Took a trip to the local hardware store and grabbed a 4'x8' sheet of plywood (on sale or $9), and asked them to cut it into sheets that were 3' wide so that I could fit it into my Fit. Once I got back home I used some short 6" pieces of wood to attach the 3'x4' together to make a nice 6'x4' backer.

Then, like the table, I laid all of the slats out to make sure that I had as many knots as possible and that I didn't have too much of the same type of wood too close together.

#headboard #layout


#headboard #layout #testfit

After that I glued all of them onto the plywood.


I put everything that I could find in the garage and put it on top of the headboard and let it set for a day.


After the glue had set I sanded it with 180 grit to get rid of the main set of rough patches. Then I cleaned it with some denatured alcohol, and then re-sanded it with some 300 grit twice. Once the surface was smooth I propped the headboard up and started to stain it.

==I know that I said that I was going to do a whitewash pickling to the head board.... but the colors of the wood were just too gorgeous to hide. I have the spare piece of 2'x4' that I think I'll whitewash it and turn into my entryway artwork later.==

#headboard getting ready for the stain!!


#headboard #process

Sealed and let it sit overnight

#headboard #stained

In the morning I moved my bed out of the way and mounted the interlock to the wall.


Grabbed and mounted the other interlock to the headboard.


Hauled the headboard upstairs and secured it to the wall


#install #headboard

and voila!

#headboard #mounted

#headboard #mounted #reclaimedwood

Very stoked on how it turned out, and now I have to rethink my color scheme in the bedroom because that dresser is now out of place...

Next project is going to be either a fuel cell in the 240z, pipe lamp for the corner of the room, whitewash art, or something that I haven't thought of yet!

-'til next time